Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go nude this spring!

This year one of the hottest trends is nude and and neutral baige colors. I love this color specially with a good tan. Along with these neutrals comes light pink, coral, and cream. Below are some sets my friends on Polyvore have created and I thought you would like them :)
For your glamous side
Just because your on the beach doesn't mean you don't have to be stylish ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Obsession ♥

So lately I've been all about looking at fashion online and i stumbled across this wonderful site called Polyvore I LOVE IT!!! I am 100% obsessed! You can look at the latest trends and look at what they call sets, which are  outfits put together by other Polyvore users. Also, you can shop by typing in what ever type of item your looking for and it will pull up results from many different websites/stores, search celebrity styles, ask questions that will be answered by other users, and check out all there top 20 lists! The Polyvore community is a great place to learn and express your personal style. I love it and hopefully you will too.

You can check out my sets and send me personal messages, my username is: a l l i s o n ♥

Monday, December 20, 2010

Simpli[city] Gl[amour]

 Some of the most elegant and beautiful outfits are some of the most simple ones. Chanel, one of my favorite designers is a great example of being simple and classy. The outfit pictured below needs two main pieces: a white shirt and jeans. Simple. Adding two nice accessories to this makes sophisticated and original without over doing it.

p.s. I would love some feed back (:

Here we go... (:

     So its the day one of my very first fashion blog... and I have to admit, I'm pretty nervous. The reason I've created this is because have a love for fashion and I want to share it with everyone! Whether its my latest ideas, opinions, or questions I cant wait to share all of them with you!! My personal style is extremely random! I tend to dress girly for the most part, but I'm always open to some boho or more edgy looks. Right now I'm really into high-waisted skirts, body con dress, knee high boots, faux fur, sequins, and anything vintage! What I love about vintage pieces is you can take something really old and turn it into something totally new and original. Its a great way to express yourself, just as I'm hoping to do with this blog!